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Speared by a farmer

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We’ve all heard of farmers diversifying, but providing an unsolicited car scrapping service is going too far. No doubt the farmer will use the Tony Martin argument that this was somehow an act of self defence.

Leicester Mercury, 23 January 2013 (story): 

Horror as car  left in snow is speared by farmer’s forklift

A driver forced to abandon his car in a snow-filled ditch was horrified when it was taken away and wrecked – after a farmer speared it with a forklift truck.

Dan Neal, 24, left his black Citroen C2 with a note on the windscreen, after sliding off the road near to Wistow Grange Farm. When he returned to collect the car the following day, he discovered it had already been removed by farmer Edward Gilbert.

He skidded off a bend and into the ditch next to Mr Gilbert’s land. The RAC was unable to attend and Dan was advised to leave the vehicle with a note on the dashboard. He was then horrified to find the farmer had moved the vehicle to a barn by piercing the twin blades of the fork-lift through the bodywork.



Poor Dan, abandoned, awaiting spearing.

Poor Dan, abandoned, awaiting spearing.

When challenged, Mr Gilbert claimed it was Dan who owed him £250 for the minor damage to his fence.

Dan, who lives in nearby Fleckney, said: “He said, ‘I’ve confiscated your car because I’m sick of people driving into my fence’. He was very matter-of-fact about it. He even said I owed him £250 – I couldn’t believe what he was saying.”

His eight-year-old car was towed away. He is now stuck in Fleckney with no transport.

Stuck in Fleckney with no transport: enough to drive anyone round the bend. If they (a) had a car and (b) the conditions weren’t too treacherous.

In the interests of being fair and balanced, we should really hear the farmer’s side of the story. As expected, he’s banging on about his ‘rights’.

Mr Gilbert, 38, has defended his actions, saying he was “within his rights” to remove the car.

“We get fed up with people going through the hedges and abandoning their cars.  If it had been a £50,000 Bentley I might have left it in the ditch.”

A perfectly reasonable, logical standpoint.

Thanks to Nick00031.


Written by Paddy

January 24, 2013 at 4:26 pm

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