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Councillor has cow stolen

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An udderly astonishing development in local government. Thanks to Kirsten Beacock for the story.

Peterborough Telegraph, 14 January 2014 (story):

Peterborough councillor has cow stolen

Thieves have stolen a cow belonging to a Peterborough councillor.

Cllr David Over (Con, Barnack) mentioned the theft during a meeting of Peterborough City Council’s Scrutiny Commssion for Rural Communities on Monday night (13 January).

The red cow, which Cllr Over had bought for an environmental site, was taken from a farm in the Barnack area last week.

Cllr Over told the Peterborough Times:  “If I’m honest I doubt the cow will turn up now. It’s more likely to be on someone’s dinner plate.”

He said he did not get too attached to the cow and refused to give it a name as he knew he would be giving it away soon.

Coun Over jokingly said: “I was not in a relationship with the cow and my wife said whatever you do, do not keep going to visit it and do not give it a name.”

What a strange thing to say; the possibility of councillor-bovine intercourse had never even crossed my mind until he basically confessed he was in a physical relationship with the animal at the end there. His wife clearly knew the score and no doubt had it destroyed. Shocking stuff. Emmerdale script writers, take note.


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January 20, 2014 at 11:55 am

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