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The great Louth Leader giveaway, vol. 5

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The Nether Regions was there in the early days when the Louth Leader began wooing its Lincolnshire readership with a vast array of free gifts each week. Since then, the population of this utopian market town has inevitably mushroomed. Nothing sells quite like free goodies, and this means a copy of the Louth Leader is now stronger than the pound itself.

It began with snacks, but gradually the giveaways began to take care of every aspect of your existence. We had necklaces, we had bath bombs. What came next?

Teacakes and sweets!



Queasy sausage rolls!


Hand-held muffins from former chief whip Andrew Mitchell of ‘plebgate’ fame!


This gluttony is too much. It’s surely time to feed Louth something a bit more healthy…


He’s back again…! (N.B. Slightly more clean shaven.)


Now that we’ve balanced the diet, the locals could do with winding down slightly.

Nothing better than a film…


…followed by another bath…


…but not before you’ve wiped your feet, cooked the tea, and put up those new blinds…




See you on the next bus to Louth.

To be continued.


Written by Paddy

June 25, 2013 at 11:06 am

Posted in Free goodies

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