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Trapped in the bog

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This could have ended in horrible tragedy, but it didn’t, and that means we’re allowed to laugh at it.

Reading Post, 6 November 2010 (story):

Mum and daughter rescued from bog

A mother and teenage daughter were rescued when they became trapped in a bog in South Reading this afternoon.

A police helicopter located the pair who were walking a Jack Russell dog in the flood plain of the River Kennet near Big Yellow Self Storage in Rose Kiln Lane.

The daughter had sunk to her chest in the muddy bog and her mother was lying next to her with one leg submerged.

Because the girl was in such danger, a firefighter and police officer entered the bog to rescue her at once.

I bet that’s the last time this pair will be reaching for their copy of Flood Plain Strolls of Britain when they fancy a stretch of the legs.

The story on the Reading Post website features a gripping video of the rescue bid, replete with commentary by concerned emergency services staff. It’s a must-watch if you’re amused by the idea of seeing four Power Rangers needing their maximum strength to drag this big old unit from a bog:

Crew manager Crook said there was a real danger she would sink blelow the surface.

He said: “It is particulary dangerous if you keep moving about. It is the worst thing you can do.”

He added: “The dog was rescued first. He hadn’t sunk in at all.”

In that case, you’d think the dog would have helped. But no. So much for being man’s best friend.


Written by Paddy

February 14, 2011 at 12:50 pm

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