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You cheeky mayor!

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Suitably refreshed after a festive break and back on the so-called-news trail, let’s get straight back down to business with some good old local government smut from the Christmas period.

This Basildon beauty seems intent on damaging the already dubious reputation of the directly-elected mayor system. And by the way, top marks to the Southend Standard for having the confidence to deploy the always-underutilised ‘snow’ pun as the article’s gambit. BAM! No messing.

Southend Standard, 22 December 2010 (story):

Mayor Mo is town’s Christmas cracker

THERE’S snow mistaking this blonde bombshell!

Basildon’s mayor Mo Larkin is hoping to brighten up the borough’s mood this merry-making season with her official Christmas card.

Mo, who became the borough’s first ever mayor last month, has gone for different approach to her festive card for the second year running.

Instead of opting for a scenic photo of the town, Mo’s annual card features the lady herself glamorously dressed in a snow white coat and purple dress.

She’s also holding a Christmas tree bauble emblazoned with the words “I love you”.

Mo, who coyly admits she is “in her sixties”, said: “I just want the card to cheer people up. Everything is so miserable at the moment with the snow. We’ve got elderly people trapped inside their homes and all sorts going on so if my card cheers just one person up then it’s done its job.”

“I’m not one to do things the traditional way!”

‘Character’ alert. I like Mo’s rather arrogant belief that the arrival of one flimsy Christmas card featuring an egomaniacal local politician dressed up to the high nines could bring any kind of meaningful cheer to an elderly person trapped inside their home. She should get on to Amnesty International to see if they want to send the card to prisoners of conscience around the world, just to give them a laugh as they curl into a quarter-circle while being savagely beaten in their cells. No, really, she should.

For Mayor Mo, life is clearly just about sex, sex, sex. Typical Tory.

Last year the Tory councillor, who was then the chairman of Basildon Council, hit the national headlines with her festive card.

It featured her posing next to a heart-shaped bauble and a Christmas tree.

The card caught the eye of a group of labourers in Ramsgate, who then decided to use Mo as the pin-up on a building site.

Political ambitions: consider yourselves achieved.

Thanks for this story go to Roddy Campbell, who has Mo’s Christmas card proudly displayed in the windscreen of his white van.


Written by Paddy

January 4, 2011 at 12:45 pm

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  1. “This Basildon beauty seems intent on damaging the already dubious reputation of the directly-elected mayor system”

    Just for the record if she is damaging any system its the pointless borough system with a ceremonial Mayor, And enhances the logical and fair openly democratic reason for a elected Mayor system. No one in Basildon not on the council choose Mo Larkin as there Mayor in fact they never even choose the current leader of the council whom ever that might be. It has been decided by the council twice in 10 years that its best if the Cllrs themselves choose whose in charge, and you can see the result of that closed and undemocratic process.

    M Bolton

    May 22, 2011 at 6:53 pm

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