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Call him Mr Vader, call him Mr Wrong

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This is certainly a case of a salesman using too much ‘Force’.

I love this reference to the ‘Winsford woman’s answerphone’. I think it’s the new ‘middle England’.

Winsford Guardian, 22 September 2010 (story):

‘Darth Vader’ man found guilty

A 29-YEAR-OLD who left a message in the style of ‘Darth Vader’ on a Winsford woman’s answerphone has been found guilty of aggressive commercial practice.

On the opening day of the trial, the court heard how the defendant, who worked for Luton-based Forever Active, had called Valerie Rawlins, aged 57, on June 17 with the intention to sell her a mobility scooter.

Peter Moss, prosecuting, said: “The claimant was not a person who needed a mobility scooter.

“She remembered receiving a letter through her letter box and the defendant phoned at 12.03pm with a view to engaging her with the prospect of purchasing a scooter.

“She immediately said no because of the leaflet.

“She said ‘I do not want to buy one thank you, good bye’, and put the phone down.

Some wonderful lawspeak there: ‘…with a view to engaging her with the prospect of purchasing a scooter’. They make it sound so sordid. And rightfully so.


“Undeterred by that this defendant between 12.03pm and 12.15pm then embarked on a mission.

“He made his first set of calls in a 12 minute period and the calls became increasingly menacing.”

Mr Moss added that the defendant had threatened he may stop her benefits or pension if she did not buy a scooter.

He said that on a voicemail message Honegan had put on a false voice, and said: “It was a Darth Vader voice, a menacing voice, in which he said ‘we know where you are’.”

Honegan is to be sentenced on October 8, at Chester Crown Court.

Which of us hasn’t adopted a joke Darth Vader voice at some point in time…? It’s surely an everyday occurrence, and not really worthy of a sentencing. PC gone mad, etc.

Thank you to Peter Ball, no relation to Johnny.


Written by Paddy

October 6, 2010 at 11:25 am

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  1. Perhaps she thinks she’s being treated unfairly?

    (Just throwing a bone to you ESB fans out there!)


    October 6, 2010 at 11:27 pm

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