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Gazette Faces, Vol. 8

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Welcome to another series of stiff-faced, sunken-cheeked twats making the pages of Middlesbrough’s Evening Gazette.

Middlesbrough salon couple hit by arson

Jobless Craig Fisher uses banners in bid to get work

Hmm. Hopefully any employers looking to recruit a technician aren’t looking for someone who can spell it.

Middlesbrough Evening Gazette, 1 May 2010:

A STOCKTON dad has resorted to displaying two home-made banners on a busy Teesside roundabout in a bid to get work.

“It is still early days as I only did it on Thursday but since then I have seen some vehicles slow down to read it.”

Great. He may still be unemployed, but at least he had the satisfaction of seeing some cars slow down. Simple pleasures…

Thanks to Neil Trodden.

More flower vandals strike in Eston

Concern as vandals target Middlesbrough’s Holgate Wall

There are the bastards – caught red handed.

And again! The sheer brass neck of it...

Redcar mum tells of sewing needle find in baby food

Paperboys come to aid of stricken OAP

Alright lads, no need to look so cocksure about it. No doubt they still shredded the OAP’s paper while jamming it through the letterbox.

Hartlepool man arrested after car broke down on Newport Bridge

He is clearly so over it now.

Family’s Saltburn cliff lift crash terror

Trees stolen from Gisborough Priory woodland gardens

Biker speaks out over Redcar pothole menace

Excellent deployment of the steel ruler there, but when was the last time you heard of someone being killed in an eight inch deep pothole? Perhaps in The Borrowers, yes, but this is real life we’re dealing with here.

Middlesbrough Evening Gazette, 28 April 2010:

EXPERIENCED motorbiker Steve Muskett is furious at a terrifying spate of potential killer potholes which he says have sprung up in Redcar and Cleveland.

He branded it a “slalom track” of huge potholes, some of which are up to eight inches deep.

Surely bikers always slalom along roads anyway, so what’s the  problem? Perhaps if they weren’t universally such awful, egocentric leather-clad lunatics, potholes wouldn’t be a problem. Just my tuppence, for what it’s worth (i.e. two pence).

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July 22, 2010 at 12:15 pm

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