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It seems the local papers are going parrot crazy this summer. This story from the Dorset Echo is a good example of how the regional press will often choose to cover an unspectacular all-year event (such as a parrot that talks) by arbitrarily linking it to a topical event (such as the World Cup) in order to justify the shameless use of non-stories to fill newspaper space.

Mind you, just imagine how poorly England would have fared if their hopes hadn’t been boosted by this talking parrot.

Dorset Echo, 17 June 2010 (story):

Pub parrot entertains the fans during World Cup

ENGLAND’S World Cup hopes are being boosted – by a talking parrot.

Roxy, a 10-month-old African Grey, has been entertaining regulars at the Duke of Albany pub in Park Street, Weymouth, with her ‘come on England’ chants, whistles and ‘shoot the ref’ comments.

Landlady Mandy Weston said her pet Roxy’s vast repertoire also includes ‘hello darling’, ‘morning’, and ‘shoo the cat’ followed by ‘pow pow’ as if a gun is being fired.

By the way, if this blog ever contains swearing, it’s because it’s a blog for blokes:

“She says her name, she does swear because it’s a blokes pub down here and she imitates my voice calling ‘Malcolm.’ Roxy does all sorts, she likes people to take notice of her, it’s quite comical.

“All our regulars adore her, she’s my parrot but she’s a bit of a flirt with the men.

“She sits and watches them play darts of an evening and says ‘good darts, good darts.’”

The parrot also watches the football matches and can hold an England flag out with her foot.

Does it want a medal?


Written by Paddy

July 4, 2010 at 5:14 pm

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