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Bright Ears, burning like fire

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The US military famously used songs by well-known artists (link) to assist the interrogation of terrorism suspects at Guantanamo Bay. If you happen to be in the US military and enjoy torturing folk, you might therefore be interested in this tip for creating a “hellish experience”.

Brighton Argus, 20 May 2010 (story):

Brighton neighbours stuck in Art Garfunkel hell

A man subjected to the sound of Art Garfunkel in the early mornings described his ordeal as a “hellish experience.”

The residents of Penshurst Palace, Brighton, endured the sound of Bright Eyes throughout the early hours – every day of the week.

Neighbours of Colin Dibley complained of sleepless nights and being kept awake by shouting, screaming, banging and swearing.

One neighbour even complained that he could hear a whole episode of Doctor Who through the wall.

Dibley played loud computer games and let his dogs bark constantly, but when his neighbours asked him to keep the noise down; he deliberately turned the volume up. […]

Eventually he was served a noise abatement notice, but on March 5 the sound of the Watership Down theme music was so loud his neighbours had to leave their homes to report him to environmental health officers.

This man’s existence appears to comprise a loop of Watership Down, Doctor Who and loud computer games. Get a life!

Thanks to Lucy Janes.


Written by Paddy

May 28, 2010 at 10:56 am

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