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Pleaded guilty to damaging a dongle

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The question we’re asking this morning on The Jeremy Kyle Show is: what is it about Norwich residents and their urges to put inappropriate objects through inappropriate openings?

As if the ‘Man put melon through ex-partner’s cat-flapstory wasn’t enough – which it was – we now have this:

Norwich Evening News, 24 February 2010:

Norwich man flushed wife’s dongle down loo

An estranged husband flushed his wife’s computer dongle down the toilet in a row over a mobile phone, a court heard.

Paul Fulcher, 37, from Catton Grove Road, Norwich, pleaded guilty to damaging a mobile phone and a dongle belonging to Lisa Fulcher on February 4, when he appeared at Norwich Magistrates’ Court yesterday.

Prosecutor Ben Brighouse said police attended after an altercation between the couple, who had been married 10 years but were now estranged.

He said: “Both parties alleged that they had been assaulted.

“Fulcher had gone to her address to collect £30 he said he was owed for looking after the three children. He threw the phone on the floor and stamped on it so it smashed.

“He also put the computer dongle down the toilet. He accepts he lost his temper during a heated argument. The phone was worth £30 and the dongle £99.99.”

In mitigation, James Landles said it was an “impulsive action and not pre-meditated”.

Fulcher was handed a six months conditional discharge and ordered to pay £129.99 compensation.

Next time you’re urinating in Norwich, be sure to check whether those little yellow blocks you’re playfully blasting around the urinal gutter are in fact dongles. Could be on to a nice little earner.


Written by Paddy

May 5, 2010 at 2:08 pm

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