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It’s all over the letters page, you give me road rage

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This letter has it all: hysteria, self pity, physical insults, human insecurity, a touching element of forgiveness, and excessive exclamation marks!!!

If you know the malicious mini driver in question, or indeed if  you are her, please get in touch.

Romford Recorder, 26 March 2010 (full letter):

Road rage ordeal for driver

I HAVE just arrived home having been a victim of a road rage incident. A young woman driving a mini thought that I was racing her at the YMCA lights in Romford. She drove her car in front of mine and got out and started verbally abusing me! She was very aggressive and very personal!

Her main issues seemed to be that I had no right to be racing with her, to be on the road in my car or to exist in my physical frame and at my age! The irony was that I wasn’t racing her in the first place – I drive a Picasso diesel people carrier!! Not a car you would choose to race in really!  […]

I just wanted to question what right this person had to assume that she was better than someone older (she suggested I was 60 – I am in fact much older than that, so am feeling flattered on this front), fatter (only marginally larger than her) and driving a Picasso (hey, no excuse for this one!!).

She was not a particularly physically attractive girl, having a skin problem, really bad hair and being overweight – but I did not feel that I wanted to hurt her by being mutually aggressive.

I am left feeling confused and hurt – I wonder if she would accept someone acting in this way to her mother? This person needs to learn that she will not always remain as she is (I used to model professionally under my maiden name and did not remain the same!!) – and nor should she – life is about growing up, maturing, gaining experience and realising what is important in life.

I would love if this letter gets printed and the lady reads it and recognises herself – perhaps she will also consider her actions. At the time, I was torn between being so upset and anxious and wanting to get out and give her some back.

I am proud that I held it together and did not retaliate as I believe that I came out the better person – she may not think this now, but I hope she looks back on this behaviour and is ashamed. I did take her number plate and was being followed by a neighbour who has said he will be a witness – but I have no desire to get the lady into trouble with the police for what I hope was just a bad day.

I do believe in everyone getting a chance as we all make mistakes!


All in all, a real lesson in life.


Written by Paddy

April 30, 2010 at 10:43 am

2 Responses

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  1. What the fat, old former model didn’t explain is how fast she was driving for the younger, spotty, fat gobby cow to mistake her driving style for racing.

    Was she aggressively revving at the lights? I do hope so.

    Minnie Driver

    May 4, 2010 at 10:26 am

  2. But I wonder if you would accept someone acting in this way to your mother?


    May 4, 2010 at 6:19 pm

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