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Christ! Ee bah gum

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Jesus seems to be popping up everywhere these days; he gets where water doesn’t.

Plymouth Herald, 5 April 2010 (story):

Family says ‘face of Jesus’ appeared in Mum’s gum

A FAMILY have told of their wonder at finding ‘Jesus staring at us’ from a piece of chewing gum on Good Friday.

Nelly Noden had been chewing her gum but left it on the mantelpiece while she ate some crisps.

When she returned, the gum had turned into an image she believes resembles Christ.

“The second I put my eye on it, I could see it,” said the mother-of-two, from Beacon Park.

“I’d just got back from going the shops to buy a few things to eat when, as usual, I put my gum on the mantelpiece to have some Pringles,” she said.

“I went to pick it up again and Jesus was just there, staring at me.

“We couldn’t believe it – especially as it was Good Friday.”

I suppose it’s reasonable that, if anyone was likely to be chosen for a little divine intervention, it would be someone with a ritual of sticking their gum to a mantelpiece in order to eat Pringles.

But does it really look like Jesus? You be the judge:

Jesus Christ can also be found on the underside of school classroom desks up and down the land. Typical – always the last place you bloody look…

Daughter Charni, 16, excitedly called The Herald to relate the story.

She said: “We can’t believe how much it looks like Jesus; we’ve been telling everyone about it.”

Nelly said: “Me and my daughters were jumping around the room.”

The family say they are not religious, but thought it was special that it happened at Easter time, and also on the day before Nelly’s birthday. She said: “It was a real moment.”

The Nodens say they have kept the piece of gum as a memento.

Stop the world – I want to get off.


Written by Paddy

April 16, 2010 at 10:41 am

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