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Splayed on South Street

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It’s not normally nice to laugh at those suffering pain, but people requiring specially reinforced stretchers are fair game.

Romford Recorder, 5 March 2010 (story):

Wheelchair man’s fall sparks road chaos

A DISABLED man who was injured when his mobility wheelchair overturned in Romford sparked a major traffic jam.

Spencer Pindus, 60, who weighs 25 stone, was splayed on South Street for more than 30 minutes on Tuesday morning (February 2) as emergency crews struggled to maneouvre him into an ambulance, using a specially reinforced stretcher.

The former bus driver, from Neave Crescent, Romford, had just finished a burger and chips breakfast in a nearby pub when his motorised chair hit a hole in the ground, throwing him face-first into the road. […]

Mr Pindus, who may have to undergo surgery on his nose following the fall, blames a large pothole for his accident.

“I’m a big man so it takes a lot of force to move me from my chair, but I hit a dip in the road and was just slung out,” he said.

“The council need to get their roads and pavements in order or someone could be seriously hurt in the future.”

He says he is now considering legal action against Havering Council.

Legal action? This is so symptomatic of the disgusting post-1980s Thatcherite consensus of rampant individualism, rathole ethics and blame-anyone-else compensation culture which has gripped the nation for thirty years and threatens to… oh, sorry, wrong meeting.

The lesson here is that burger and chips breakfasts and potholes do not mix. A picture of the victim, which I am too generous to post here, is available via the link.


Written by Paddy

April 7, 2010 at 12:42 pm

Posted in Council hatred

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