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Rat up loo-ille

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Just imagine the scenes.

Lewisham and Catford News Shopper, 19 March 2008:

Woman on toilet attacked by rat

A DISABLED woman was horrified after being bitten by a rat which came up through her toilet while she was sitting on it.

Maxine Killingback, who lives on her own, jumped up in shock when she felt the rat bite the top of her leg and fell over onto the floor, hurting her back.

After drowning the rat herself using a plunger and barricading the toilet to stop other rats which were trying to get out, she phoned Greenwich Council only to be told she would have to wait three weeks for them to come and sort out the problem.

If this was '999' with chauvinism's Michael Buerk, it would definitely say 'RECONSTRUCTION' at the bottom of the picture.

It’s common to be frustrated when something just won’t flush away, but Mrs Killingback’s experience takes it to an extreme.

She said: “You don’t expect to sit down to spend a penny and be bitten by a rat.

“It just felt like someone had put a needle in me.

“When I jumped up it seemed to still have a hold on me.”

Ms Killingback, who has rheumatism in her legs and back, said the rat was still trying to get out of the toilet after she fell on the floor.

She tried flushing the toilet chain twice but the creature came back each time.

Ms Killingback said: “It was a big, black one, seven or eight inches long.

“It was trying to climb up but it kept sliding back down. I put a plunger down the toilet but it kept trying to get out.”

Ms Killingback, who says she has a nervous disposition, then jammed a bleach bottle next to the plunger and kept it there until the rat had drowned.

She said: “Then there were more coming up, I could see their noses poking through the gap.

“I just put two big boxes of washing powder and other things on top of the toilet to block it and shut the bathroom door.

“I’ve never known anything like it.”

Never known anything like it… and probably never will.

Link: Woman on toilet attacked by rat


Written by Paddy

March 25, 2010 at 8:54 pm

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  1. The Lewisham and Catford News Shopper doesn’t shy away from the big issues does it?
    “HAVE YOUR SAY: There is no god – discuss
    IN this week’s Thursday Issue discussion and with Easter in mind we ask: Is there a god?”


    March 26, 2010 at 9:58 am

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