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The brass neck of it

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Introducing a tale of inadequate benefits, broken limbs, dog biscuit shortages and, er, Sky TV. Ladies and gentlemen, the sorry life of Janice Dodsworth of Pellon, Halifax…

Halifax Evening Courier, 11 February 2010:

How do some on benefits live the high life while I have no life?

It seems to me that the benefit system has more layers to it than an onion.

Because I have Incap benefit, and not income support, I don’t qualify for full council tax or housing benefit, so am still supposed to pay towards these. […]

I’m on lowest amount of DLA, and have tried to apply for a higher rate, but because I have been in hospital for yet another operation on my arm, which has been broken for seven years, I can’t apply for the high DLA until three months have passed, since the date I had the op. […]

I stay in. Using more gas and electric. My children do their best to help take me places when they can, but my daughter lives Manchester way, and has just been made redundant, so she won’t be able to come across as much. My brother and sister-in -law having been supplying my dog with biscuits, and the family have just got me another cooker, because mine was dangerous and condemned. But I couldn’t get help from DSS because I wasn’t on the right benefit, so not entitled to help.

So how can some people I know on benefits afford to fill their supermarket trolleys with ready meals, junk food, beer and cigs and can still go to the pubs for a drink?

I swear the guys who are on the streets drinking daily have more money coming in than me.

Last week I spent £23.49 on food, some of that was dog food. That was it.

I can’t carry it home, so had to get a taxi home, but some of these very same people run cars or get taxis daily.

Do I feel bitter? You bet I do, I really need to visit the dentist, but find I’m not entitled to free treatment because of the type of benefit I am on.

So here I am, wearing jumper, cardigan, dressing gown, with fleecy blanket wrapped round me, fingerless gloves on my hands, no heat on anywhere, otherwise I may not last the night out.

TV watching is the only thing I do these days, but I don’t know how much longer I can afford Sky.

It’s only the basic package, but I am told this is a non-essential item. […]

I don’t want to live the high life, but I do want to live a life.
This is miserable and lonely and I hate it.

So somebody please tell me where I went wrong?

Janice Dodsworth, Weatherhouse Terrace, Pellon

Some of the major questions I’d like to ask Janice are:

  1. How do you suffer a broken arm for seven years? That must have been quite some mirror-smashing incident.
  2. How can you have a go at people spending money on ready meals for humans when you spend your money on biscuits for dogs?
  3. By the time you’ve wrapped yourself up in a “jumper, cardigan, dressing gown, with fleecy blanket”, do you appear entirely spherical?
  4. Vis-à-vis the comment: “TV watching is the only thing I do these days, but I don’t know how much longer I can afford Sky. It’s only the basic package, but I am told this is a non-essential item.How is that incredible brass neck of yours holding up?

It’s come to something when the British media has been so successful at demonising those on benefits that even benefit claimants themselves are having a go.

Link: Full letter


Written by Paddy

March 1, 2010 at 10:03 am

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