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Flasher stereo-types

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Just what exactly was this salesman selling?

Bradford Telegraph & Argus, 25 July 2003:


A salesman who appeared in transparent tights and flashed at a woman in a gym car park was fined £900 by magistrates.

Bingley Magistrates Court heard that a gym member was “appalled and disgusted” when 42-year-old Mark Hill exposed himself to her in the car park of the Marriott Hollins Hall Hotel gymnasium and health club in Baildon last year.

And on an earlier occasion he struck up a conversation with one of the gym’s fitness instructors in the car park while wearing transparent tights cut off mid-thigh with no underwear. […]

Prosecutor Charles MacRae said Hill approached Mrs Hollyoak on December 3 at about 5.15pm in the car park, as she was about to go to the gym, and asked her whether his shorts were too thin at the back.

She ignored him and rang reception for help.

Don’t bloody ask reception! They won’t know if you don’t even know while you’re standing right in front of him.

He got back into his silver Audi TT but shortly afterwards stood in front of Mrs Hollyoak and touched himself, with his pants pulled down. A member of staff then approached Hill and asked him to leave. Police were called.

Mr MacRae said that in a separate incident in September, Hill had asked instructor Mrs Shankland, who had just finished taking a class at the gym at about 2.30pm, whether his shorts were appropriate for the club.

Mrs Shankland said the shorts, made from cut-off women’s tights, were see-through and she could tell he had no underwear on.

I like the sound of this Mrs Shankland; she doesn’t dodge the Big Questions and just tells it like it is. I also like the defendant in this case, because he also tells it like it is:

Hill told the court he had the tights on because he had used the bottom parts as covers to protect his stereo speakers from his two Siamese cats and was wearing them instead of cycling shorts because they were more comfortable.

Link: £900 fine for the car park flasher


Written by Paddy

January 27, 2010 at 7:00 pm

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  1. I assure you Hill did not pull his pants down. That’s not true, if they were see through as they were claimed to be, why would you need to pull them down. Hill was the person to say, check the CCTV. There were plenty of cameras but according to police they didn’t work well. What does that tell you about justice? Did they work or didn’t they, nobody got to see. I’m sure Hill had no way of knowing if they worked or not.
    Apparently unless Hill pulled his pants down in the middle of December in pitch darkness, then there would be no case! So who was told to say he did…
    Also why did it take 3 months before (September mentioned) this incident came to light? Because the enforcements trident to make the case stronger. If it was so drastic it would not have taken 3 months to report.
    I know because I am Hill and I can tell you it cost me 3 jobs and years of self embarrassment from people who knew of me, but did not know me well enough to know this is not me. I never did what the force wanted me to be guilty of….and i can say honestly that the police snarled at me through a cell hole in a door saying, you’ve had it now!

    That’s justice for you…..


    July 22, 2011 at 10:48 pm

  2. So… Mark. Did you wear see through tight with no underwear and approach lone women one more than one occasion to ask if the shorts were too thin?


    August 2, 2011 at 3:39 pm

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